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I always mess everything up.

Posted by unknownthirtyfour - February 25th, 2024

I think my PC has a trojan, always watching me, something is always watching, not a good thing either, some group of hackers who are really messed up. I am really messed up though. I don't know. I want them to go away. They are always there biting, hacking, clawing, burning. I just watched Lord of the rings, I forgot that the movies are literally non-stop interesting. Seriously. I forgot. It was like, please do not end, only it will end after 2 hours and 50 minutes or whatever it was for each film. I know they are really messed up people watching me, and they have some way to talk to me with a radio or some technology, I am not crazy, they are spying and then use some way to talk where I can hear them. I wish I knew where they were... I really think it is coming from a satellite, with some carrier wave audio radar, seriously, did you know radar from wifi and satellites travels at the speed of light?!?!? It travels at the speed of light. It isn't your fault. I am just messed up. I want these people to leave me alone though, they took over people around me, their thinking, they can really use a radio somehow to take over their thinking, it sounds crazy but I know it isn't and I cannot prove it. I know it is hearing a carrier wave somehow. I don't know who it could be. It's dubbing everything around me, sounds, body language, everything, it's all dubbed by some people I don't know where or who they are. It's messed up that I cannot block it out, there is no way to avoid it, or block it out, or escape. What is it? Why? I may never know, and I will die hearing these people like talking BLEEP to me. I swear one time they tried to like kill me with a heart attack, and they tormented my grandmother. I don't know who it is. I know I cannot read minds, so it is them. Not leaving us alone. It isn't your fault. It never was your fault. These people will say, "oh just cause you thought we were your thinking doesn't make it ok to blame us for choices or things of that type, I don't know, I am an evolved primate, maybe it can control people. Is that my own thinking is something I have to ask for every thought because it might not be, and I know what I am hearing, is really dubbed by someone and not the person making noise. They want conflict, like dubbing roommates to be like "F-U MAN!" and stuff, it's like a silent voice, then an audible one, far away. Watch out for that stuff. Take care all Newgrounds, please forgive me, please be ok, I want you to be ok and not scared or stressed out or anything.



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